sowing bean seeds

This is the busy month, so hopefully this cold spell will pass. Protect your plants at night with some fleece, newspaper or old net curtains.

You can be sowing so many seeds this month, it can get overwhelming as you try to keep up with the growth.  In an ideal world, you are all prepared with your vegetable beds….  

One trick to help with the work is to share out the sowing amongst your friends and family, or get involved in one of the Plant/Seed Swop Whats App groups in the county.  

Another trick is to sow salads, scallions and herbs like basil every 3 – 4 weeks, so that you have them on the go for the next few months, but not all coming at once.  This is called successional sowing and it helps to mark it on your calendar, so that it is the first Monday of every month, or whatever day of the week suits you best to get it done.

Enjoy your time in the garden – Bain taitneamh as an gháirdín!

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