About my work

a little bit about my work

Who I am

I am Niamh Ní Dhúill and I am based a few miles outside of Tralee, at the beginning of the Sliabh Mish Mountains.  I have an acre here where I grow food and create natural and wild habitats. 

I studied Organic Horticulture at An t-Ionad Glas, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick, and I recommend the college to anyone who wishes to study and work in this area.  While studying at Drom, I did my work experience at Gortbrack Organic Farm.

What I do

I am a Nature and Biodiversity Educator

There are four main elements to my work

1. Habitat Protection

2. Habitat Restoration & Ecological Corridors

3. Growing Food

4. Nature Connection

I do this by working with people to plan, develop and grow their own natural, ecological, restorative and wild gardens.  Ecological gardening is about creating interconnected habitats, of which we are a part of and connected to.  These habitats provide both a home and food for us humans, wild animals and plants.  My main work is in education and takes place mostly outdoors.

My focus is

  • Protecting our existing natural habitats
  • Restoring natural habitats
  • Restoring ecological corridors, creating interconnected habitats such as small woodlands, native hedgerows, wildlife ponds, different wildflower lawns and meadows, compost heaps, log piles…..
  • Establishing and growing wild plants in natural habitats
  • Establishing and growing cultivated food and herb remedy gardens
  • Finding nature in the concrete jungle and urban ecosystems
  • Helping people to connect with nature and the land through ecological empathy and reciprocal ecology


Who I work with

I work with Schools, Community Groups, Tidy Towns, Parishes, Organisations,  Councils, Statutory Bodies, Local Businesses and Private Clients.  I advise on and develop educational resources and materials for groups and organisations.

I also like to collaborate with others in this field of work.

The people that I work with benefit by learning new skills through practical work and being in the outdoors.
They also benefit from the support, guidance and assistance I give. In the process, they enjoy creating and growing with an evolving and changing garden that is productive, restorative, interesting and a beautiful place to spend time.

I help people to create natural wild gardens





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