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I like to share skills to support people in creating their own ecological garden sanctuary.  I facilitate and teach through practical and interactive workshops.  It is hands on, outdoors or in polytunnels as much as possible.   We live in a lovely temperate climate 52 degrees north of the equator where growing plants is easy enough, mainly due to our rain.  So, assume that it will rain at some stage.  Always bring rain gear and extra layers.  There is no bad weather – just the wrong clothes!

  • Biodiversity Gardening Skills
  • Creating Natural Habitats
  • Growing Food Skills
  • Organic & Ecological Gardening Skills
  • Propagation of Native Wild Plants
  • Growing and Foraging Wild Plants Sustainably in Your Own Garden
  • Seed Saving & Becoming a Seed Guardian
  • Soil & Composting
  • Harvesting Rainwater
  • How to establish a Small Scale Food Forest
  • How to Establish a Small Scale Native Tree Nursery
  • Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • Nature Connection Activities
  • Improve Your Wellbeing in Nature
  • Training Trainers and Educators
  • Upskilling Programmes for Landscapers Making the Transition to Chemical Free Gardening
  • Training in Citizen Science Monitoring, Recording & Reporting to the National Biodiversity Data Centre

Every client and every project is different.
I make the costings based on the work to be done for the project. Personalised/customised quotations available on request.

You can contact Niamh directly by email or submit your request using the form below.


Niamh Ní Dhúill came to our school as an expert from the 'Heritage in Schools Scheme' . Students & Staff were very interested in having an outside gardener visit and Niamh linked in with all the various classes at their level as well as passing on her gardening knowledge to Staff. Teachers were encouraged to look at the garden and polytunnels as an extended classroom and also as an area to relax and enjoy. Niamh designed and helped develop a wildlife area in the garden helping the school explore biodiversity - thus branching away from the stereotyped manicured finish. The school was also encouraged to stop allowing the spraying of weedkillers. Although we were all aware of the current environmental crisis, it was great to get encouragement and benefit from skilled knowledge as to how we could implement small changes to assist nature and biodiversity. Another area Niamh focused on was a well - being session with Staff as part of Professional Development.. Although we have amazing organic gardens, staff and students need to be encouraged to enjoy the space. Much gratitude to Niamh for all her help and hopefully we'll have her visit St. Francis Special school again in the next school year. Her work to date has been very positive and has been of great benefit to Students & Staff. This work was carried out in collaboration with Ian McGrigor, Gortbrack Organic Farm.
Liam Twomey
Principal, St. Francis Special School in Beaufort

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