My Nature Journal

Mo Dialann Nádúr

UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration – What can we do locally?

Caterpillars on Nettles - Bratóg ar Neantóg Common or Smooth Newt -…

Actions for Insects & Pollinators – Rudaí le déanamh do na Feithidí & na Pailneoirí

Saithe Beach Mheala - Swarm of Honey Bees @ Gortbreac Lus na…
Hawthorn Sceach Gheal

Celebrate Biodiversity Week 2021 – Céilúradh an Nádúr 2021

This week is National Biodiversity Week and the 22nd May is International…
sowing bean seeds

Seedlings in April – Síológ in Áibreán

This is the busy month, so hopefully this cold spell will pass.…
dawn chorus

Dawn Chorus – Ceiliúr na Camhaoire

Now is a perfect time to be woken early by the beautiful…
nature diary

My Nature Diary – Mo Dialann Nadúr

Activity: How to make a Nature Diary/Dialann Nadúr Age appropriate:   Younger children…





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