What I Offer

I offer a range of services.  My focus is on creating spaces for wild nature and food everywhere.  This can be a private garden,  school grounds, community spaces or business grounds.  I like to use Gaeilge in my work and can deliver sessions through both  irish and English.  I like to work one to one and with small groups.

  • Practical Workshops & Sharing Skills
  • Practical Habitat Creation and Maintenance Skills 
  • Hands On Growing Food and Plants Skills
  • Nature & Biodiversity Walks and Talks in Your Own Garden or Community
  • Garden Tour with Examples of Ongoing Practical Projects 
  • Get to know your Soil
  • Home & Garden Composting Systems
  • Identifying & Using Your Local Resources
  • Native, Wild & Useful Plants – Practical skills to Learn how to Propagate and Transplant to Your Own Garden
  • Advice on How to Develop and Interact with Your Evolving Garden Habitats
  • Outdoor Conversations and Talks & Walks
  • Meeting Spaces – Outdoors and Protected from Weather
  • Polytunnel as an Outdoor Classroom Space
  • A Small Range of Native, Wild & Useful Plants for Sale 
  • Connecting with Nature Activities 
  • Advice and Development of Resources and Educational Programmes
  • Online consultations option available when appropriate or necessary

My Ethos

My work is based around the principles of Organic Gardening, Permaculture and Biodynamics

  • Biodiversity Gardening Skills
  • Creating Natural Habitats
  • Growing Food Skills
  • Organic & Ecological Gardening Skills
  • Propagation of Native Wild Plants
  • Growing and Foraging Wild Plants Sustainably in Your Own Garden
  • Seed Saving & Becoming a Seed Guardian
  • Soil & Composting
  • Harvesting Rainwater
  • How to establish a Small Scale Food Forest
  • How to Establish a Small Scale Native Tree Nursery
  • Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration
  • Nature Based Solutions


  • Nature Connection Activities
  • Improve Your Wellbeing in Nature


  • Training Trainers and Educators
  • Upskilling Programmes for Landscapers Making the Transition to Chemical Free Gardening



  • Visit to Assess Garden or Land
  • Get to know Your Existing  Soil, Plants & Habitats
  • Advice on Actions to Take
  • Biodiversity Garden Planning & Design
  • Drawn Plan if Required
  • Project Priority & Timeline
  • Intentional Rewilding Approach to Gardens and Land
  • Growing Food and Food Forests – using a Permaculture Approach


  • Ecological and Habitat Protection, Restoration and Care
  • Habitat Audit and Assessment

  • Monitoring & Recording  Habitats & Biodiversity

  • Submitting Records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre



Simple home garden plans:

  • Kitchen Food Garden
  • Home Remedy Garden
  • Rewilding your Garden
  • Using your Garden Resources


  • Advice on Timelines for Projects
  • Guidance with Costing for Garden Projects
  • One to one Support & Guidance with Establishing Your Garden


  • Provision of Information about Resources and Suppliers
  • Advice on Appropriate  Home & Garden Composting Systems
  • Advice on Appropriate  Water Harvesting System


Growing Plants  | Harvesting Plants | Drying | Processing | Storing | Sharing Plants and Seeds


Making Simple Home Remedies | Herbal Teas | Healing Herb Baths | Herb Oils | Herb Vinegars | Ointments | Tinctures | Simple First Aid using Plants | Using Flower Essences


Visit to My Garden to See Habitats In Situ | To Understand How They Will Develop Over The Years (By appointment only)


Visit to My Garden to See Native, Wild, Edible and Useful Plants In Situ and How They Will Grow Over Time  (By appointment only)


Practical Skillshare and Advice on How to Propagate, Divide and Transplant Native Plants Back Into Your Own Garden


  • Development of Information Material, Public Signage, Educational Information Sheets, Publications, Booklets, etc.
  • Site Visits – Guidance on the Assessment of Current Habitats & Biodiversity
  • Advice and Recommendations on Caring for Existing Habitats & Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity Project Plans with  Actions, Timelines and Recommendations
  • Guidance on Monitoring, Recording and Reporting about Habitats and Biodiversity


  • Support to Groups Making:

    – Funding Applications and Report Writing 

    – Public Submissions

    – Inputting into both Local and National Policy

  • Support with Participation in Biodiversity & Climate Action and Conversations


  • Links to Local & National Biodiversity, Food, Environmental and NGO Networks


  • Guidance with Creating Public Events and Celebrations, such as Small Nature Festivals & Sustainable Social Gatherings


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Education & Training

Creating Natural Habitats
Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration
Organic Gardening Skills Biodiversity Gardening
Training Trainers
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Garden & Land Consultation

Habitat Audit and Assessment
Biodiversity Mapping, Planning & Design
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Natural Kitchen Gardens

Home Garden Plans: Kitchen Food Garden
Home Remedy Garden
Rewilding your Garden
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Project & Resource

Site Visits
Assessment of current Biodiversity
Advice and recommendations on caring for Biodiversity
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