Project & Resource Development

I work with community groups and projects to develop biodiversity, nature and food educational material, and resources such as information signs and publications.  I support groups in advising on the protection and care of existing native habitats and the creation of new natural habitats; such as native hedgerows, small native woodlands, wildlife ponds, leaving spaces for nature, wildflowers, lawns and meadows, growing food and wild plants.  I can recommend appropriate and relevant biodiversity and climate justice educational material and resources.  I like to collaborate with other people and organisations in this area.

  • Development of Information Material, Public Signage, Educational Information Sheets, Publications, Booklets, etc.
  • Site Visits – Guidance on the Assessment of Current Habitats & Biodiversity
  • Advice and Recommendations on Caring for Existing Habitats & Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity Project Plans with  Actions, Timelines and Recommendations
  • Guidance on Monitoring, Recording and Reporting about Habitats and Biodiversity
  • Support to Groups Making: Funding Applications and Report Writing | Public Submissions | Inputting into both Local and National Policy
  • Support with Participation in Biodiversity & Climate Action and Conversations
  • Links to Local & National Biodiversity, Food, Environmental and NGO Networks
  • Guidance with Creating Public Events and Celebrations, such as Small Nature Festivals & Sustainable Social Gatherings

Every client and every project is different.
I make the costings based on the work to be done for the project. Personalised/customised quotations available on request.

You can contact Niamh directly by email or submit your request using the form below.

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