Booking policy:  By appointment onlyClients can book consultation time or book a time to come to see the plants in situ during the year by appointment only.  Clients can place their order which will be fulfilled the following winter.  If for any reason you need to cancel your consultation or appointment, please contact me by phone or text message to reschedule your appointment.  

Responding to queries:  We are a small business and work outdoors most of the time.  Please be patient with us and we will reply to queries within 5 working days.  If I am not the right person for you or do not have what you are looking for, I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

Plant Orders:  Orders taken all year round, but stock is only available for sale from late October to March.

Slow Gardening Policy:  I will do my best to fulfil your order.  However, I have limited plant stock and only harvest plants for sale in the winter months.  There may be years that some stock is not in supply for sale.  This is a slower process than you may be used to!  Some of the plants will be bare-rooted, so please bring your own pots if you can.  I will advise on transplanting to your own site and after care of the plants during this consultation.

Collection: To be arranged with the client.  Delivery to within 5 miles is free of charge.  Other deliveries will have an additional cost.  More details on request.

Ethics & Sustainability Policy:  Natural Wild Gardens is fully committed to working in a real ethical and sustainable way.  We encourage the use of local materials and resources at all times.  We do not do instant gardens or support unsustainable practices.  We do not use peat compost and source our seeds and plants from ethical sources; and we encourage clients to do the same.  We work with an ethical and permaculture approach and we support other small businesses and organisations who are working towards the same goals: To protect and restore natural and wild habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity: which supports sustainable food production in our communities; and to share our resources and spaces more justly with all life on earth

Source of Plants Policy:  The plants have been grown from seed or division and are grown in my garden.  Plants have not been taken from the wild; please note that we cannot take plants from the wild, as their habitats are already under severe pressure.  

Health & Safety:  In relation to plant identification and making and using home remedies; It takes time and practice to learn how to identify plants.  I advise clients to attend plant identification and foraging workshops and to connect with relevant groups and forums to learn and practice this skill.  Never pick or eat anything you are not sure of.  My advice on home remedies is that they are simple and effective but for home use only.  They are not a replacement for medical treatment and it is your own responsibility to contact a qualified doctor or herbalist for medical advice at all times if you have any health concerns.  

Payment Policy:  Payments are accepted online by Stripe or PayPal and in person in cash.  If you have issues with this method of payment, contact me to discuss other options.

Returns:  Please contact me if you have a plant to return.  As these plants are harvested upon request and are living plants; they are to be planted immediately, mulched, watered and cared for as per instructions given to the client.  Please note that the cost of return postage is the customer’s responsibility, unless the plant was damaged before delivery to the customer. If it is a Publication you are returning, it can be posted back to me and a full refund will be given, including return postage.  See Refund Policy below.  

Refund Policy: Any refund will be returned to you by the method in which you paid.  Electronic refunds via Stripe and electronic funds transfer (EFT) can take up to 5 days to show up on your bank statement.  PayPal refunds will show up immediately.





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